Learn How To HACK The Princeton Offense
And Level The Playing Field As The UNDERDOG

WITHOUT Running An "Over-Complicated"  Offense 
That Requires High IQ Players, That Slows The Game Down, 
And Takes Too Much Time Install

Learn How Any Coach Can "HACK" The Princeton Offense And Then Install It 
With Any Team And With Any Group Of Players 

And Finally LEVERAGE The ADVANTAGE Of Being The Underdog

Mission #1 is to Hack, Learn, and Simplify The Princeton Offense so you can correctly match it to the personnel you have and style you need to play in order to compete at higher levels.
Mission #2 is to Plan, Install, and Implement The Princeton Offense that maximizes quality repetition so you players can learn the offense quickly and efficiently and find where they will succeed in X's & O's.
Mission #3 is to Leverage and Maximize you players Talent and Skill level within The Princeton Offense and learn to execute as a "Team First" in order to exploited defenses weaknesses.

Coach Wheeler 

This may be controversial...

But The Princeton Offense is the #1 trending offense today in the game of basketball.

As a competitor... I don't like it.

As a coach... I LOVE that the "Team Game" is getting better, especially for the Underdogs!

When I began learning the offense 21 years ago there were only 4 collegiate programs you could find on TV.  Today there is well over 40.

The NBA is now taking advantage of the action & philosophies championed by Pete Carril and Princeton Offense programs.

It's absolutely everywhere... and there is a reason.


But the elephant in the room is this... How do we run the offense at the high school level or as an underdog at any level if we don't have the level of skill, talent, and IQ of high level programs?

That is where "Hacking" The Princeton Offense comes in.

It is widely agreed to be the most complicated basketball offense ever developed.  And when run a certain way... I 100% agree.

However, if you know how to #1 Simplify the offense and #2 Run the right combination of sets and actions for your specific personnel...

Then you can leverage the secrets the Princeton Offense "Giant Killers" have been using for decades!


#1:  Superior Talent... With a "Good Enough" Strategy
#2:  Superior Strategy... With "Good Enough" Talent

And that right there is at the core of what I believe in and what I teach and preach to coaches everywhere!









Pete Carril was the head coach at Princeton University from 1967 to 1996.  He is a Champion for The Underdog!

In 29 years he won 514 games.  Notably he is the ONLY coach in the history of college basketball to win 500+ games WITHOUT the benefit of offering Athletic Scholarships.

And for that very specific reason he had to develop a style of play so that the players he was able to recruit could compete with a collection of players with maximum talent on multiple Power Conference Teams.

Always a tough out and feared opponent, another mind bending stat that demonstrates the power of The Princeton Offense:

Carril's Tigers had the nation's best scoring defense in 14 out of 21 years from 1975 to 1996, including eight in a row from 1988 to 1996!

The combination of a superior offensive strategy (and stingy defense) with players who were just "good enough" proves to be a competitive and winning strategy that levels the playing field for underdogs everywhere!

Coach Pete Carril 

Coach Bill Carmody 

Bill Carmody was Pete Carril's Assistant Coach for 14 years (1982-1996).  After leading Princeton for four season he most notably brought The Princeton Offense to Northwestern University for another 13 season.

I believe it was Bob Knight who said you could put John Wooden, Dean Smith, and Mike Krzyzewski all on the Northwestern bench at the same time and they would still not have been able to accomplish what Bill Carmody did in The Big 10 with the talent he was competing against.

Bill Carmody's Northwestern programs while not excelling at the highest levels still routinely upset Big Ten Tournament level teams... for example defeating both a #7 in the country ranked Michigan State and a #7 in the country ranked Minnesota program.

From my point of view he has always been one of the most creative coaches in regards to The Princeton Offense!

John Thompson III both played for and coached under Pete Carril at Princeton University.

In 2000 he became Head Coach at Princeton and four years later he brought The Princeton Offense to Georgetown University where Talent would crash with Strategy!

Still yet an Underdog Georgetown program in 2006 UPSET JJ Redick's  #1 Duke Blue Devils in one of my personal favorite games of all time! That year they reached the Sweet 16 and lost to national champion Florida by only 4 points!

The following year they reached the Final Four with as good a chance as any to win the championship.  This is the furthest any men's program running The Princeton Offense has reached in the Big Dance!

Coach John Thompson III

Coach Joe Scott 

Joe Scott brought The Princeton Offense to The Air Force Academy in 2000 recruiting and rebuilding a perennial loser to eventual Mountain West Champions.

The underdog players he recruited before he left set program records at The Air Force Academy until 2007.

And from when he left in 2004 until he returned in 2020, every single head coach in between has kept The Princeton Offense as their staple offense!

Coach Scott's teams are well known for their steady discipline & expert execution.  Hard nosed teams who are always competitive battling uphill in the talent game playing excellent team basketball with the hardest cutters on the court!

He has long been one of the most creative Princeton Offense coaches in the game!

the offense today


Story goes coaches would call up Coach Carril at Princeton University asking for instruction, film, and playbooks on how to run the offense.  The reply would always be something of the sorts, "Go figure it out yourself, CLICK!"

Once I figured out the offense I would not even give playbooks to my assistant coaches OR even my own mentor!

But in a copycat sport, The Princeton Offense was the only offense that could not be duplicated!

Then as time went by coaches started to slowly crack the code. 

Jimmy Tillette at Samford was one of the first.

And when Jim Burson of Muskingum University had his turn at the offense he literally changed the game and broke down the offense in a way that coaches everywhere could more easily understand.

So 20 years ago lack of information was problem #1.

Today with the internet (and just as with everything else) TOO MUCH information has diluted the quality of teaching and understanding of The Princeton Offense!

Many coaches have many methods of running "their version" of The Princeton Offense.

Which I think is great... BUT I tackle it with a slightly different angle...

coaches have their own version and understanding of the princeton offense 

this is where coach wheeler comes in...


SECRET #1 - Break the offense down to its "Core" actions.  So you can choose the actions that best match the players on your team.

SECRET #2 - Install the offense using The Progression Method.  Repetition is the key to success to timing & execution. This method superior to even the widely whole-part-whole strategy.

SECRET #3 - Level up your players on the court.  Teach them how to use the offense to manufacture scoring opportunities and teach your playmakers when they can break away from the offense and create offense on their own.

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